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Changing Conflict: Peer to Peer Mediation

2015/2016 Projects

The Programme is a schools based initiative which will be provided an introduction to conflict management and the skills required to deal with conflict. Participating Students will gain the skills and knowledge required to understand and manage conflict within a structured educational environment.

 We intend to run the programme in three second level schools within Galway City and County with the assistance and approval of the relevant boards of management. This programme will function with the co operation and education of parents and teachers of the students who choose to apply for the programme. The aim is to provide conflict resolution training to young people in an educational environment.

It is proposed that this pilot programme which will assist students to:
• Understanding similarities and differences (for older children, exclusion and inclusion)
• Understanding that perceptions vary and avoiding bias
• Understanding the nature of communication and the requirement to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.
• Realising that conflict is present and the need to deal effectively with conflict to ensure that all persons and interests are respected
• Accepting that there is a requirement to engage in mechanisms and methods to resolve conflict.
• Undertaking practice negotiation and a trial mediation
• There will be a requirement for the students and tutors to engage skill development such as Active listening, Better communication (two-way), Cooperation with others as part of a team, appropriate assertiveness in resolving conflict.

Project Team & Links

Lead student partners: Lorraine Lally   @lorraine_lally
Lead staff partner: Lorraine McIlrath   @CKIatNUIG

Student partners:
Lorraine Lally

Staff partners:
Lorraine McIlrath

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Project Updates

We had training of our volunteer faciliators for our school conflict resolution programme. The facilitators are a mixture of student mediators and law students from NUIG who are taking part in the school programme as part of their Clinical Legal Education module run by Larry Donnolly in the Law Faculty. We are excited to be starting this week.

The first school we will be training in conflict resolution skills is a mixed group of students who are in Transition Year. We will be attending Colaiste Iognaid (JES school) in Galway on Sea Road on Thursday 21st January for the first day of training. We have arranged to run the programme in Dominican College in Taylors Hill in February.

We attended at Dominican College in Taylors Hill on the 25th February and the 3rd of March the students were animated and engaged on dealing with conflict by creating and seeing solutions.

The role plays have been amazingly well done by the students who wrote up and imagined their conflicts and then came up with solutions through using a process of communication and co-operation. The students gave myself, Kevin, Paola, and Melissa a wonderful education on a wide variety of conflicts such as abortion, climate change, animal cruelty and the impact of racism on Irish society, the need to reform the Irish educational system to support those who are dealing with LGBT and Transgender issues. They also considered the issues with social media and the increase in cyber bullying with their peers. The students enjoyed the group work and discussion and were really a joy to work with as part of the peer mediation programme.

Huge Thank you to the Students, Teachers especially the Transition Year organisers and to the volunteer facilitators Melissa, Kevin and Paola!

Campus Create

2015/2016 Projects

This project aims to encourage creative thinking on the NUI Galway campus in a fun and playful way.

Register with CampusCreate here

During the 12 weeks of semester two, ‘Creative Challenges’ will be posted via Twitter, Facebook, and website campuscreate.eu using the hashtag #CampusCreate. Each week the creative challenge will have a different theme and ‘Daily Prompts’ will support the themed challenge. Participants can interpret the ‘Creative Challenge’ in whatever way they like and upload their creations of video, drawing, writing, audio, photography, mash-ups, remixes etc.

Everyone is born creative and contrary to popular belief you do not have to be an artist, musician, designer etc. to be able to see and think differently! As creative thinking and design thinking skills are becoming increasingly important for participation in a society full of technology, the playful, open approach of the project will encourage participants to enrich and further develop their creative and digital skills.

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Project Updates

CampusCreate got off to a flying start on the first week of Semester two with theme 1 ‘Beginnings’. We followed that with themes “Sound”, “Colour” & “Water”. Students, staff & beyond uploaded their photos, drawings, poetry, audio and writing in response to the daily prompts we sent out via our social media and website and which we curate weekly on ‘Storify’. We spent some time promoting the project and have developed a good presence around campus by posting weekly posters, distributing flyers, sending a weekly newsletter to those registered, & displaying daily live feeds of uploaded ‘creates’ on campus TV’s. We will continue to market the project and to encourage students, staff & fellow Galwegians to participate. We have started the process of building an online creative community which we hope to develop further in the coming weeks.

We are now coming to the end of Week #08 and are delighted that so many people are regularly contributing and sharing their ‘creates’ with us. We have presented our project at the Hardiman Scholars PhD Research Event held recently at NUIG and have made an interim video of a selection of our ‘creates’ (https://vimeo.com/campuscreate). We also send out a weekly round-up of all our creates through Storify every Sunday evening (https://storify.com/campuscreate). We intend to host a pop-up event at the Muscailt Arts Festival next week to further develop our presence on campus and to work towards establishing a vibrant creative community here on campus. We have 4 weeks/themes left but will be taking a break over the Easter holidays, a perfect time perhaps to look back over old themes and prompts; upload a photo, drawing, write a poem, express yourself or some aspect of your work in whatever way you like. We genuinely would be thrilled if you would engage with us at CampusCreate where anything goes and the only limits are your imagination.

ABC – Accommodating Babies on Campus

2015/2016 Projects

The main aim of this project is to make the NUI Galway campus more baby friendly by raising awareness of the issues parents may face either as students/staff, or when visiting. It is hoped that a student parent policy will be adopted for NUI Galway, the location of baby changing/ feeding facilities will be added to the campus map and to generally make the campus a welcoming environment for our smallest visitors.

Families visit the campus often for diverse events including open days and ensuring the accessibility and safety of our youngest guests is important. As the project takes shape, key locations will be identified as opportunities for new facilities to be put in place, including placing baby changing facilities in various locations around the campus and providing quiet areas for breastfeeding, heating food and making it easier to access certain places. ABC will be looking to engage with those who may experience difficulties when they come to NUI Galway with babies and to promote a baby friendly attitude within the University itself.

Please complete the Student Parent Survey

Project Team & Links

Lead student partners:  Ruth Underwood

Lead staff partner:  Anne Fallon

Student partners:
Ruth Underwood

Ruth Pinson

Staff partners:

Anne Fallon

Project Updates

So far, with help from Jennifer Lally from the Buildings office, we have managed to locate a number of facilities, such as a Nursing Mothers Room in the Engineering building and a ‘rest room’ in ILAS. It looks like changing facilities will be installed in the new Human Biology building but we still have to hear back on the Arts concourse or Arts Millennium buildings. With regard to the policy I have identified a number of important aspects that I would like it to address which I plan on sharing with Pat Morgan and Catherine Ryan in the Student’s Union as soon as possible.