Amber Walsh Olesen


Preparing Law Students for Professional Exams

2013/2014 Projects

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This project aims at preparing final year law students for the professional examinations for entry to the legal profession (for both future barristers and solicitors). Students will have the benefit of seminars and Q&A sessions with current professional exams students and trainee lawyers.

ShoutOut Galway

2013/2014 Projects

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This project is aimed at educating secondary school students on LGBT issues and homophobia through a new, student-led and interactive campaign. It will encourage teenagers to understand and combat homophobia and give them the information to support LGBT friends.

Undergraduate Surgical Training Programme

2013/2014 Projects

Workshop 1.1


Staff and students will come together to organise surgical training workshops which will give undergraduate medical students an introduction to surgery. The project is aimed at increasing the students’ academic and practical understanding of surgery and preparing them for surgical practice.


2013/2014 Projects

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Staff and students will develop a food sustainability assessment tool for campus-based restaurants. People will then be able to make informed choices about their on-campus meals, with information on the source of ingredients, environmental impact and other factors.

I Like Beaches

2013/2014 Projects

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The history of Galway is intrinsically linked with the coast.  Coasts are complex environments where the interaction of atmospheric, marine and terrestrial process occurs. It is imperative that individuals of all ages have access to understandable information in relation to how such zones function. Five Geography undergraduate students and two of their lecturers are currently undertaking this project as an initiative aimed at getting people with knowledge of beaches together, and to get this knowledge out to a wider audience.

NUI Galway Staff-Student Exercise Initiative

2013/2014 Projects

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Aimed at encouraging staff and students to become more active on campus, this project will see the creation of designated walking and cycling routes on campus. Based on the American College of Sports Medicine’s “Exercise is Medicine” model with routes specifically designed to be of most benefit to users.

NUI Galway Animates History

2013/2014 Projects


Staff and students will collaborate in creating concise, interactive, animated videos on key events in Irish history. These videos will then be made available to the campus population and anyone else with an interest in Irish history as a useful learning tool.