ABC – Accommodating Babies on Campus

2015/2016 Projects

The main aim of this project is to make the NUI Galway campus more baby friendly by raising awareness of the issues parents may face either as students/staff, or when visiting. It is hoped that a student parent policy will be adopted for NUI Galway, the location of baby changing/ feeding facilities will be added to the campus map and to generally make the campus a welcoming environment for our smallest visitors.

Families visit the campus often for diverse events including open days and ensuring the accessibility and safety of our youngest guests is important. As the project takes shape, key locations will be identified as opportunities for new facilities to be put in place, including placing baby changing facilities in various locations around the campus and providing quiet areas for breastfeeding, heating food and making it easier to access certain places. ABC will be looking to engage with those who may experience difficulties when they come to NUI Galway with babies and to promote a baby friendly attitude within the University itself.

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Project Team & Links

Lead student partners:  Ruth Underwood

Lead staff partner:  Anne Fallon

Student partners:
Ruth Underwood

Ruth Pinson

Staff partners:

Anne Fallon

Project Updates

So far, with help from Jennifer Lally from the Buildings office, we have managed to locate a number of facilities, such as a Nursing Mothers Room in the Engineering building and a ‘rest room’ in ILAS. It looks like changing facilities will be installed in the new Human Biology building but we still have to hear back on the Arts concourse or Arts Millennium buildings. With regard to the policy I have identified a number of important aspects that I would like it to address which I plan on sharing with Pat Morgan and Catherine Ryan in the Student’s Union as soon as possible.