ShoutOut Galway

ShoutOut Galway

2013/2014 Projects

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This project is aimed at educating secondary school students on LGBT issues and homophobia through a new, student-led and interactive campaign. It will encourage teenagers to understand and combat homophobia and give them the information to support LGBT friends.

Students: Maria Ní Fhlatharta, Lisa Flaherty, Maggie MacAongusa, Liam O’Hare, Etain Upton, Isabell Mutaaga, Ashling Brady, Hollie Casey, Cian Ó Moráin, Maria Keenan, Leah Heffernan, Patrick Deane

Staff: Dr. Lionel Pilkington


Project Update – 25 November 2013

  • What we have been up to:
  • We contacted schools all over the west of Ireland about SHOUTOUT;
  • We established a committee and have started to lay the foundation to run it long-term;
  • We attended a SHOUTOUT launch in Dublin;
  • We were on several national televisions channels, including both RTÉ and TG4;
  • We held our own SHOUT Galway launch, which was well attended, with at least 60 people present;
  • We started Garda vetting for SHOUTOUT participants;
  • We started the process of training the participants.



Maria Ní Fhlatharta

Lead Student Partner, Director Shoutout