What’s the Craic?: Enjoy Learning a New Language

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What’s the Craic?: Enjoy Learning a New Language

2015/2016 Projects

This project aims to develop a website to facilitate language learning exchanges at NUI Galway.

The website will enable students (staff) to search for other students who speak different languages and arrange meetings/practice groups in order to improve their language skills.

NUI Galway has a large number of international students for whom English is not their first language. However, it can be challenging for these students to improve their English skills because they may not have a close relationship with native speakers. At the same time, many native English speakers want to learn a new language, but they don’t have anyone to practice with. This project will not only help international and Irish students to learn a new language, but also support international students to integrate and make friends.

Project Team & Links

Lead student partners: Aaron Molloy
Lead staff partner: Dr. Jamie Goggins

Student partners:
Aaron Molloy
Danielly Ferreira Oliveira de Paula
Orlagh Reynolds

Staff partners:
Dr. Jamie Goggins