Undergraduate Surgical Training Programme

Undergraduate Surgical Training Programme

2013/2014 Projects

Workshop 1.1


Staff and students will come together to organise surgical training workshops which will give undergraduate medical students an introduction to surgery. The project is aimed at increasing the students’ academic and practical understanding of surgery and preparing them for surgical practice.

Contact: Dómhnaill O’Connor at surgicalsoc.nuig@gmail.com

Students: Keunjae Ahn, Louise Curtis, Tingyi Koh, Gerald Browne, Darrell Martin, Sarah Chiu, Stephanie Bollard, Yasir Loai

Staff: Prof. Michael Kerin, Ms. Carmel Malone


Project Update – 3 February 2014:

We have conducted another suturing workshop on simple interrupted sutures and one handed surgical ties, which was once again a huge success! Next up on our programme, we will be hoping to organise scrubbing workshops which will guide students on how to scrub, gown and glove in for surgical procedures!


Project Update – 29 November 2013:

  • We have set up a dedicated committee comprising of medical students and staff to oversee the development of our project.
  • We have also successfully carried out two basic surgical skills workshop thus far! Our debut surgical skill workshop was conducted on the 18th of October, followed by the second workshop on the 19th of November.
  • These 2 hour long workshops were carried out at the Pathology Labs in the Clinical Science Institute whereby medical students from various years gathered together to hone their foundations on basic surgical skills. Each workshop comprised 15-20 students.
  • They were taught patiently by our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, Ms Carmel Malone and Professor Peter O’Leary. Medical students learnt the basics of simple, interrupted sutures as well as one handed surgical knots.
  • Feedback from the participants of our workshops were positive and encouraging! We aim to conduct more of such workshops in the next semester.




Pictures of the first surgical training workshop from November 2013:


Workshop 1.1



Workshop 1.3


Workshop 1.4


Workshop 1.7


Workshop 1.5


Workshop 1.6


Workshop 1.2