2013/2014 Projects

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Staff and students will develop a food sustainability assessment tool for campus-based restaurants. People will then be able to make informed choices about their on-campus meals, with information on the source of ingredients, environmental impact and other factors.

Students: Gary Goggins

Staff: Dr. Henrike Rau


Project Update – 29 November 2013

  • We are currently developing an assessment tool that will measure the sustainability of food offered at canteens on the university campus. The tool is developed based on peer-reviewed scientific research. We will seek to apply this tool to all major canteens on campus.
  • The tool is based on a points system with 10 categories and a maximum score of 100 points. The 100 points system facilitates easier understanding of scores.
  • The tool incorporates a variety of sustainability factors including social, economic and environmental aspects and covers areas such as type of food and production methods, and engagement with consumers, producers and local community.
  • Catering management can use the tool to identify areas where they can improve food quality and sustainability.
  • We are also developing ideas for dissemination of information on the Uni-food project and on food sustainability in general (e.g. compilation of facts regarding impact of food choice, production of information leaflets, etc.)